What is Support?


1doula1Your Doula is:

  • A Guide
  • Support
  • a Servant
  • Reassuring
  • Knowledgeable
  • Calm


Your Doula can:

  • Listen
  • Share your journey
  • Provide Comfort measures
  • Help you find options
  • Create a calm space
  • Guide your partner
  • Answer questions

DSC_0182 (2)

Your Doula Does Not:

  • Make your decisions
  • Speak for you
  • Perform medical tasks
  • Judge your decisions
  • Replace your partner but works with them.
  • Replace a Midwife or Doctor

A Doula can be there to help reassure you and provide you with gentle loving mothering care. She is a wealth of knowledge and can provide reassurance. She can simply hold your hand and listen or offer you guidance in comfort. She will help your partner in supporting you and work with the team of care providers you have chosen. She will support your decisions and provide you with resources and options.  She is a guide to your journey of birth and can help face the path ahead.



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