Memories Captured & Testimonies

Treasured memories through a difficult time. A welcoming and a farewell remembered and captured.




Little Miss G is 2 weeks old today. Wanted to thank a special lady who helped us welcome Georgia into the world – our doula. For someone like me who struggles with anxiety, especially in medical settings, it really helped having the extra support of a doula throughout pregnancy, labour & birth (even in a 4th pregnancy!) We had fantastic doctors & nurses too but it was so amazing having someone there just for us. Wish I could have had one in all my pregnancies. Thank you Christa Duquette !! – Krystal



I didn’t think that birth could be beautiful especially after the first experience I had with my first daughter. But after the birth of my second my opinion has completely changed. I am forever grateful that we had Christa there with us to welcome our second daughter into the world. Having an outside perspective who is on your side makes a huge difference during labor. Knowing that I had someone who was educated and had my best interest in mind helped keep me at ease. this birth has completely changed my view labor and birth and has taken my fear associated with that away. I had a beautiful experience and everything I dreamed of and more. I feel confident that I could do it again if I chose to have another baby.  I would recommend Christa to absolutely everyone who is expecting. Having a christa as my doula helped calm my fears I had during my pregnancy allowing me to enjoy more of my pregnancy. She helped educate me on my choices and reminded me that I had support. I even birth my second in the position I had dreamed of doing with my first. This birth helped remove the trauma I had from my first experience. I can’t thank Christa enough for supporting me and educating me in my decisions on my birth experience. truly a beautiful experience and if we ever decided to have another this Is the route that I would take. And would be honored to have her as our doula again. – Kelsy



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